California Spring Trials 2017

 Successful 2017 California Spring Trials 


Thank you to Pacific Plug & Liner

and American Takii for hosting our exhibits  and to our design partner, Succulent Gardens!


Grower Talks review of HMA Plants Annual and Succulent Exhibit

GIE Media CAST interview with HMA Plants

Our Unrooted Cuttings

HMA Plants is pleased to be working with Floraplant SA de CV in Mexico for marketing & sales of high quality unrooted cuttings in the US and Canada. Floraplant has a history of excellent product quality, remarkable order fulfillment, and innovative production techniques. We are very excited to promote their brand and their products.

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California Spring Trials 2016


California Spring Trials 2016
Thank you to:
AMERICAN TAKII for hosting our exhibit
SUCCULENT GARDENS for designing our display
See more of HMA’s exhibit:

New & Interesting Plants