About Us

HMA Plants® has been serving professional growers with innovative, quality plants from some of the world’s top breeders since 1995. Based in Ohio, we are young plants specialists, focused on unrooted cuttings. We have a wide diversity of products highlighted by our succulent program. Unrooted cuttings are available from domestic and off-shore stock bases.

Our high performance unrooted plant material is grown by many of the largest growers in North America. We invite you to consider adding HMA products to your line-up this season!

HMA Plants® Proudly Offers:

  • Free Sample Program
  • Year-round production of hundreds of items
  • High Nutrition Cuttings
  • Responsive, Timely Communications
  • Reliable Service & Production Quality                  
  • User Friendly, Simple Programs
  • Custom Product Forms

Look for new varieties and programs on our website as we expand our product lines throughout the 2016-17 season.


HMA Plants | orders@hmaplants.com | PO Box 190 Madison, Ohio 44057
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